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Bank Automation Summit 2024

InRule is excited to attend and sponsor the Bank Automation Summit in Nashville this year, showcasing the impact of AI decisioning on critical financial operations. As banks and financial institutions continue to navigate the complexities of credit and risk decisions, loan origination, and fraud detection, AI decisioning presents a transformative opportunity to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

The Bank Automation Summit serves as a premier gathering for banking and fintech professionals to explore the intersection of innovative technology and financial services. This event highlights the potential for fintech companies to drive improvements in banking processes through intelligent automation strategies, offering a platform for dynamic discussions on overcoming industry challenges and capitalizing on technological advancements.

By leveraging AI decisioning, banks can significantly improve use cases such as credit and risk decisions by streamlining the analysis of vast datasets, enabling more accurate and faster approval decisions. With loan origination, AI decisioning can automate and optimize underwriting processes, reducing manual errors and improving operational efficiency. Furthermore, AI-driven fraud detection systems can identify and prevent fraudulent activities with greater precision, safeguarding both the financial institution and its customers.

InRule’s participation in the Bank Automation Summit underscores its commitment to advancing AI and automation technologies within the banking sector, offering insights into how banks can harness these tools to achieve greater operational excellence and competitiveness in the market.

Stop by booth 101 to learn more about InRule and say hello! Also, be sure to check out InRule CEO Rik Chomko participate in the first panel session on day one: The AI revolution in banking: A roadmap for the future. The session will cover a range of topics including:

  • Where is AI being used today within financial services? 
  • Rules for effective AI strategies and implementation 
  • Future AI use cases and operational challenges