InRule: Powering Decisions for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Life sciences organizations, healthcare providers, plans and payors use InRule to handle the complexity that comes with these highly regulated industries.  Our HIPAA compliant SaaS solution is ideal for delivering outcome-centered experiences across the enterprise.

Alternatively, you can review our Customers page to learn more about the specific Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations that rely on InRule.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers face growing pressure to meet customer demands, while lowering costs and complying with industry and government regulations.

InRule makes it easy to automate the decisions that drive the business of healthcare, putting authoring in the hands of subject matter experts, minimizing the risk of costly errors.

Healthcare providers rely on InRule for:

  •     Population management
  •     Dynamic case management
  •     Automated triage recommendations
  •     Triggers to alert patients and/or medical staff
  •     Embedded logic for medical devices
  •     Custom content delivery to help patients who manage (or are at-risk for) chronic diseases
  •     Automated tasks for medical staff (automate prescription information, order lab tests, other medical workflows)
  •     Data validation

Healthcare Plans & Payers

As the market for healthcare plans and payers grows more competitive – and more regulated – organizations must be able to quickly automate and deploy new – and change existing – business decisions.

InRule is trusted by healthcare payers and plans to assist in the following areas:

  •     Claims adjudication (healthcare and pharmaceutical)
  •     Online broker quoting tools
  •     Product configuration and pricing
  •     Benefit verification and cost estimation
  •     Provider file processing
  •     Third party Medicare/Medicaid collections
  •     Eligibility determination and enrollment
  •     Health plan underwriting
  •     Data validation

Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Organizations

To manage complex processes and ensure compliance with regulations, life sciences and pharmaceutical organizations automate decision logic. InRule makes it easy to write and manage logic, while providing transparency into what decision logic is running at any given time.

InRule is trusted by some of the world’s leading life sciences and pharmaceutical companies for automating decisions associated with:

  •     Medical device / instrument alerts and triggers
  •     Clinical trials
  •     Clinical trial registries
  •     Online prescription ordering systems
  •     Aggregate spend compliance
  •     Laboratory workflows and research sample preparation
  •     Data validation

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