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Take Your Digital Decisioning to the Next Level

A Live, Online Training Session

Savvy enterprises are upping their automation game by combining business rules with machine learning. The marriage of these powerful technologies allows for better risk prediction, earlier fraud detection, increased ROI, and a superior customer experience (not to mention a host of other benefits).

View our free 2-hour training session to discover how to be more profitable by offering personalized (and explainable) decisions across your organization.

Decision Management Solutions CEO James Taylor and CTO Ryan Trollip explore how to combine business rules and machine learning to optimize operations—while making decision logic easier to maintain and faster to update.

Their presentation will also teach you how to use best practice visual modeling techniques, including DMN, to effectively apply the InRule Decision Platform.

In this training session you will learn how to maximize decision automation by:

  • Turning domain expertise into decision models that structure business rules, apply machine learning, and capture the right data for ongoing improvement
  • Leveraging standards-based decision models for maintainable, scalable business rules, while designing effective simulation and test strategies
  • Identifying opportunities for machine learning and how to operationalize those opportunities using decision automation for true ROI