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What is a Decision Platform?

A decision platform is an end-to-end solution to extend the power of AI, analytics and decision automation throughout an organization. The platform features are detailed below.

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Business Rules Management System (BRMS)

The BRMS facilitates creation, testing and execution of business parameters, or rules, all without code. Both non-technical and IT users can quickly and confidently author rules impacting automated decisions such as:

  • Lending approvals
  • Product pricing
  • Frequent-flyer promotions
  • Insurance qualifications
  • Legal compliance

Monitoring and Analytics

While setting rules, users can specify which metrics to track. Realtime, viewable KPIs can feature such indicators as customer response by region or country.

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Process Management

Just as a decision platform enables no-code decisioning, process automation (DPA) technology enables codeless automation of workflows with no-code, drag-and-drop tools. DPA tirelessly and flawlessly performs mundane, repetitive and complex functions that can be prone to human error. Examples include:

  • Invoicing and payments
  • Inventory control
  • Updating payroll
  • Customer support of common issues
  • Onboarding new employees

Explainable Machine Learning

Beyond making predictions, explainable ML provides factors behind every prediction made. Further, our clustering technology enables teams to evaluate decisions, policies and models for unintended harmful bias.

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8 Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Decision Platform

How can a Decision Platform help you?

A decision platform provides transparent, end-to-end codeless management of business operations, from setting parameters to automating rules and logic. Your organization can reap multiple benefits, including:

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Save Money

Wring efficiencies throughout your operations through codeless AI. Free technical staff to work on other projects, saving upwards of 35 percent of development time. Eliminate costs due to miscommunication of rules changes. And lower business losses such as loan defaults.

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Make Money

Organizations using a decision platform typically enjoy annual revenue increases of five percent or more. Putting business experts in direct control of rule management speeds response to market forces and changing customer desires.

Continuously Improve

Leverage the power of machine learning to boost promotional response, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee longevity. Better anticipate future events through automated insights from historical data.

Why Would an Organization Use a Decision Platform?

A recent survey of the InRule User Community (IUC) revealed the benefits our customers most prize include:

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and other widely used platforms
  • Flexibility to accommodate specific requirements and complexities
  • Cost savings through multiple efficiencies
  • Direct empowerment for business users to manage rules
  • Easy setup and use with no issues regarding stability or performance
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Business People Collaborating

What Are Common Uses for a Decision Platform?

Codeless decisions and analytics are empowering organizations in sectors including travel, financial services, healthcare, government and insurance. Common applications include:

  • Eligibility for social programs, loans and insurance
  • Risk rating
  • Fraud detection
  • Pricing
  • Managing loyalty programs

Who Uses a Decision Platform?

InRule Technology is trusted by leading companies across the globe, including Allstate, Allscripts, Aon, Bank of Queensland, Barclays Capital, Beazley, Cancer Care Ontario, DaVita, HPE (now DXC), FAA, Oklahoma Healthcare Authority, Roche and Wells Fargo.

A recent sampling of InRule customers shows our users break down by segments accordingly:

Insurance – 26%
Banking and Financial Services – 21%
Government – 18%
Healthcare – 15%
Technology – 12%
Professional Services – 4%
Retail – 3%
Other – 1%

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Can a Decision Platform Predict the Future?

Machine-learning models can indeed alert organizations to a wide range of likely occurrences. Through automated mining of business data, a decision platform generates insights beyond human capabilities. Real-world applications include:

  • Identifying customers likely to leave
  • Preventing external and internal fraud
  • Limiting loan or payment defaults and foreclosures

How Does a Decision Platform Complement Existing Platforms?

The InRule Decision Platform seamlessly integrates with data-visualization systems such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. Users of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics can manage rules, access analytics and automate processes through existing workflows.

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About InRule

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