Gain Greater Value from Encompass with InRule

Encompass is a digital mortgage solution by Ellie Mae that provides value across the entire loan lifecycle. Lenders rely on Encompass to originate more loans, reduce origination costs, and shorten time to close.

InRule can help your organization gain more value from your Encompass investment by putting rule authoring in the hands those who know mortgage lending best.

Allowing subject matter experts to write and manage lending rules means that changes can be made more quickly with less risk for costly errors. Empowering the business to manage lending logic also enables IT to focus on more strategic technical initiatives.

After IT completes a one-time set-up of the forms to run the rules, loan experts can use InRule’s intuitive rule authoring tool to:

  • Make changes to the rules outside of the Encompass application and lifecycle
  • Immediately publish rule changes – without modifications to Encompass
  • Test rules to ensure proper logic and calculations

Manage Complex Mortgage Rules Common in Encompass

  • Write rules with an intuitive, menu-driven approach using InRule’s business language editor

InRule Business Language Editor

InRule Business Language Drop Down Menu

  • Manage large sets of similarly structured rules with decision tables

InRule Decision Table

  • Express calculations and complex conditions with Excel-like syntax expressions

InRule Syntax Expressions

  • Have rules perform a wide variety of actions from setting field values to calling Web services

InRule and Encompass can add value together in the following scenarios:

  • Call rules from within Encompass forms
  • Run rules over a batch of data (outside of Encompass using API)

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