The Journey to Better Decisions: Operationalizing Machine Learning with Digital Decisioning

With data scientists suggesting that AI and machine learning adoption is akin to the mobile revolution, it’s not surprising that for many companies machine learning remains a difficult technology to employ and monetize.

But for businesses who are successfully embracing machine learning, the ability to transform data into meaningful insights is high. And for those pacesetters who operationalize machine learning with a marriage of a decision platform, the technology becomes transformative, allowing organizations to make smarter decisions, faster.

In this white paper, we’ll look at the challenges, and benefits, of operationalizing machine learning including:

  • The potential gains of incorporating data insights into existing business processes.
  • Ways to overcome machine learning roadblocks by taking specific, practical steps to integrate ML.
  • How professional tools like Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (AzureML) can make adopting machine learning easier.
  • An illustrative example of machine learning (and its benefits) in action.

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