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Oh, the Wondrous Things You Can Do…

Four universal business benefits of utilizing a decision platform. When someone mentions decision automation with a decision platform, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Some people mistakenly think…

Office workers using decision automation
Sales + Marketing Teams

Batch to the Future…with InRule and Power Automate

While InRule’s integration with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform hasn’t quite reached the notoriety of a customized DeLorean, it continues to expand a functional reach that is intrinsically enabled by…

Delorean blog image
Mark Lonsway

Loading and Using Third Party ADO.NET Data Providers

One of the great things about InRule is that there are numerous spots within the product where you can extend native functionalities to be able to easily support integrating with…

Connecting to Third Party Database
Dan Gardiner

No Values: Much Ado About Nothing

In computer terms, what is nothing, and why should you care? Even for rule authors with a development background, a quick review of how InRule handles “nothing” values can be…

Robert Eaman

Using User Defined Functions Felicitously

Like many InRule users, my background is in software development. As a result, I often find myself taking whatever means I can to bypass low-code tools: When I need to…

User Defined Publications
Dan Gardiner

Survey Says…Use InRule for Questionnaires!

The concept of using decision logic to manage questionnaires is probably not a reach when you consider the complexity those types of user experiences may entail. Think about all of…

Survey Questionnaire
Product Management Team