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What is a Decision Platform?

It’s been about two years since my last Back to Basics blog post, where I detailed what makes a rules engine and Business Rules Management System (BRMS). Since that time,…

Peter Fudalej

Rule Harvesting Techniques for Excel Workbooks

Why Rule Harvesting Isn’t Usually Easy Translating someone’s business logic into functional requirements is never a simple and straightforward effort. Existing business decisions must be reevaluated with an eye towards…

Robert Eaman

Legacy Modernization with InRule and AveriSource

Legacy mai­­­nframe systems are the original pattern for ransomware: your business depends on this system and if you stop shoveling money into it, your business comes to a screeching halt.…

Dan Reynolds


In the Midwest, the end of summer traditionally represents the “harvest season,” when fully-grown crops are harvested from a farmer’s fields. While the concept of “rule harvesting” borrows metaphorically from…

Robert Eaman

Bridging the Gap Between Business Analysis and Technology

Computers are useless: they can only give you answers. Questions are what matter. –Pablo Picasso While computers obviously aren’t “useless,” Picasso’s point is a good one: knowing the right questions…

Robert Eaman

InRule for JavaScript Life

Overview I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of emergent complexity – a concept that describes how with a small number of simple (In)Rules, a system develops which is orders…

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