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Good Beginnings – Achieving Sustainable Automation

Last year, I spoke at Decision Camp about practices that rapidly orient a new team and get them discovering problems in their project–like a compass orienting them toward the North…

Automation Teamwork
Chris Berg

Digital Automation: Moving Retail to the Express Aisle

Perhaps no business sector requires smoothly performing more daily functions than retail. Every day, at every location, store chains must manage thousands of products, customer transactions and operational requirements, both…

Retail Automation
Jonathan Kaler

The Guide to Smart Ways of Working for Your Business

The Guide to Smart Ways of Working  for Your Business  Digitalization will continue to change the way that companies and organizations do business. Those who are agile and nimble will…
Renee Wagner

Merging Rules With… Other Rules?

Introducing the irAuthor Merge Extension   What is a merge tool? While InRule is designed to empower business users to author their own rules, there will inevitably be folks from…

Dan Gardiner

Good Beginnings: Agreeing on the Problem

Not all business problems are obvious to everyone on the team. Agreeing on problem priority is equally troublesome. Decision management begins with people talking to each other about what’s important.…

Chris Berg

Good Beginnings: Leadership Practice

How a rules project is led has as much to do with its potential success as any other consideration. An effective leader can rally a team towards a series of…

Chris Berg