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Enterprise JavaScript and Obfuscation: Opportunity and Risk Mitigation

Spoiler alert: this post will not declare all the virtues of the JavaScript language, such as its async programming model, node package management (npm), Node.js, client frameworks, or IDE support.…

Enterprise JavaScript
Chris Berg

Updating Rule Applications in Code using irSDK

Warning: As with the previous posts about Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, this post is intended for a technical/developer audience. Background A while back, I started a series about CI/CD with a…

Updating Rule Applications
Dan Gardiner

Salesforce Integration: Bespoke Execution using Lightning, REST, APEX, and JavaScript

In a previous post, we looked at the fantastic integration options that are available out-of-the-box with our Salesforce integration. While the functionality that integration provides will be sufficient for the…

Salesforce Integration
Dan Gardiner

Extending Salesforce with Native InRule Integration

It’s been over three years since we introduced InRule for Salesforce, and our Salesforce integration is now stronger than ever. If you want a deep dive into the integration, you’re…

Dan Gardiner

Logging Enhancements – Part One

There’s an awkward period in many romantic relationships where a person moves in with another person — but not completely. They still have their separate apartment “just in case” (can…

Engineering Team

NuGet local package sources with irSDK

Background Package management is a great way to manage the set of external dependencies (and their dependencies) as part of your typical modern development workflow. Whether the source code is…

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