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InRule for Microsoft Dynamics for Patient Case Management

I don’t particularly enjoy going to the doctor. As a healthy individual, I generally find it to be a waste of time and money. Yes, I realize how privileged I…

Patient Case Management
Peter Fudalej

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: PBL

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 release has been happening throughout October first with CRM Online and today with the on-premise version. This release includes a significantly reworked user interface as…

Product Management Team

CRM is for Lovers: Four Ways to Make Sales Love CRM

Strut Your CRM Stuff! In my first post, I explained that people hate CRM because most CRM implementations are designed with the primary purpose of collecting data instead of making…

Product Management Team

The Old Switcheroo: Transform CRM from Stick to Carrot

Taking time to incorporate feedback from sales and to help sales leverage CRM features that help them will build good will that transforms CRM from a dreaded stick to a…

Product Management Team

Why People Hate CRM

Most people hate using CRM systems because they get in the way of doing their jobs. Do a Google search for “why people hate CRM” and you will find a…

Product Management Team

Business Rules, Dynamics CRM Online and a Custom Azure Web Service

During a recent client engagement there was a requirement to manage insurance quotations using Dynamics CRM. The client was set on using the cloud-based version, Dynamics CRM Online. The robust…

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