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Azure IoT and Decision Logic

If you’re building internet connected devices, implementing a decision platform can be a key differentiator for both your product team and your device users. This is a separation of concerns.…

Product Management Team

InRule Supports .NET Core!

It’s official! InRule’s irServer rules engine now has support for .NET Core! My fellow InRule engineers and I are thrilled to ship it and put it in the hands of…

Engineering Team

InRule SaaS Trial: REST Execution without Code

So you’ve got your InRule SaaS Trial up and running. You’ve written some rules, tested them and stored them in the Catalog. The trial has a REST Execution service that…

Dan Reynolds

More on InRule SaaS

I am pleased to announce that on January 15th, 2018 InRule released its SaaS offering on Microsoft Azure. As a starting point, customers choose from several configurations and we deploy…

Chris Berg

InRule CEO Rik Chomko’s Observations from the 2018 SaaStr Conference

I love going to conferences. Most of the time, they are amazing events for a meeting of the minds on a similar set of topics that everyone in attendance is…

Rik Chomko

Rules Can Do More

While the cloud continues to dramatically change the landscape of middleware and service delivery, there remains a more subtle shift in the way we think about data and it’s lifecycle.…

Chris Berg