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I Concur! InRule Simplifies the Management of Expense Approval and Value Added Tax (VAT) Decision Automation

I’ve been at InRule for nearly six (!) years and I always love to learn about customers using InRule in non-traditional ways. Most recently, I learned that one of the…

Renee Wagner

Sailing to Success with Data-Driven Decisions

Imagine you are taking a sailboat out to sea. While the shoreline is still in view, it is fairly straight forward to course-correct through trial and error using the land…

Dan Reynolds

Good Beginnings: Agreeing on the Problem

Not all business problems are obvious to everyone on the team. Agreeing on problem priority is equally troublesome. Decision management begins with people talking to each other about what’s important.…

Chris Berg

Good Beginnings: Leadership Practice

How a rules project is led has as much to do with its potential success as any other consideration. An effective leader can rally a team towards a series of…

Chris Berg

Good Beginnings: Discovering Rule Authors

Over the years I have interviewed many rule authors and found they come in a lot of different packages. I tend to group them into three categories: The Casual Rule…

Chris Berg

No More Lead Forms!

Starting in 2018, InRule® has decided to open up all of our content to our website visitors by removing web forms that require email addresses and other information. Moving forward…

Peter Fudalej