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Introducing: Virtual InRule User Community Meeting 2020!

I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to sit back and learn something new. As a youth, the classroom and the athletic field were the places I absorbed the most knowledge. Today, it’s books, podcasts, blogs, webinars, and meetings with…

Virtual Learning
Peter Fudalej

No Values: Much Ado About Nothing

In computer terms, what is nothing, and why should you care? Even for rule authors with a development background, a quick review of how InRule handles “nothing” values can be…

Robert Eaman

PwC Simplifies Expense Management with InRule® and SAP Concur

In our PwC case study, we take a look how PwC used InRule in conjunction with SAP Concur to simplify and modernize its expense management tools.

PwC Company Logo
InRule Admin

Survey Says…Use InRule for Questionnaires!

The concept of using decision logic to manage questionnaires is probably not a reach when you consider the complexity those types of user experiences may entail. Think about all of…

Survey Questionnaire
Product Management Team

Managing Environment-Specific Configuration

In my last post, I discussed ways to programmatically modify Rule Applications in code to handle different configurations and data requirements in different environments. While that method is certainly useful,…

Environment Specific Configuration
Dan Gardiner

The Portable Inline Table

Managing the reference data required by a decision is a common challenge for most rule applications. And depending upon your requirements, you have several options for storing that data, such…

Portable Inline Table
Chris Berg