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Improving Business Decisions for Better Outcomes

Have you ever made a bad business decision? Maybe it was a minor one (signing a two-year contract without shopping for additional bids) or maybe it was one for the…

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PwC Simplifies Expense Management with InRule® and SAP Concur

In our PwC case study, we take a look how PwC used InRule in conjunction with SAP Concur to simplify and modernize its expense management tools.

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How Nonbank Lenders Disrupt the Mortgage Lending Industry

How Nonbank Lenders Disrupt the Mortgage Lending Industry Disruption in the Mortgage Lending Industry Despite significant digital transformation in the last decade, it remains difficult for lenders to originate a…
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I Concur! InRule Simplifies the Management of Expense Approval and Value Added Tax (VAT) Decision Automation

I’ve been at InRule for nearly six (!) years and I always love to learn about customers using InRule in non-traditional ways. Most recently, I learned that one of the…

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You Bot-cha! It’s Easy to Create a Rule-Based ChatBot using Azure Bot Service and InRule

From e-commerce to customer support to marketing, HR and more, a simple Google search makes it clear: chatbots are the future of business. In fact, a search of “bot business”…

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Self-Service Fraud Detection

Staying One Step Ahead of the Bad Guys A couple years ago I drove to the forest preserve to go for a run. I had done it so often that…

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