Observations from the 2018 HCP Spring Conference


Sales + Marketing Teams


This was my first conference and I was blessed to join fellow InRulians for the 2018 HCP Spring Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The HCP Conference was an amazing space where a ton of like-minded individuals came together and conversed about topics related to the healthcare industry. As such, after having discussions with a lot of the attendees, I have identified some great use cases for InRule in the healthcare space.

1. Data Validation: preventing inaccurate data from finding its way into a system or database

InRule can be plugged in between an input data stream and a source where data gets manipulated. Users can then insert all validation metrics, such as how certain fields get parsed, validate whether a patient does exist, or map to external system or database. Without an easy way to perform or push changes quickly, patients’ care or billing could be compromised.

2. Pre-defined analytics on patient health information (PHI) for drug trials

InRule can be utilized to analyze PHI records and return whether an individual qualifies for a drug trial. InRule can also return a collection of all individuals whose information matches specific criteria. Additionally, since InRule is agile, users can change rules quickly and return new individuals based on new criteria.

3. Analyze real-time vitals and data readings to optimize patient care

InRule can sit on top of a data stream that feeds in real-time patient health information. As an example, InRule can be sent a set of data to execute and we can output predetermined results that would display whether adverse outcomes might occur. The benefit here is that as those metrics change, InRule allows businesses to pivot quickly, deploy faster, and streamline the business rule modification process.

There were many great conversations at the 2018 HCP Spring Conference and I really appreciate the opportunity to participate. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you during next year’s 2018 HCP Spring Conference!