InRulians in Europe


David Thornton


The first week of November saw a busy few days of travel for many InRulians. While some made their way to the Microsoft Convergence event in Barcelona, others were traveling to London for the first InRule User Community Meeting in Europe (IUCM-E). A few were traveling to both events.

Of course, InRule Technology is a US-based company, but with over 280 User Community Members across 21 countries, we have a very global footprint. The Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) region has become an area of focus and growth for us to support. This is shown through a dedicated UK-based EMEA team, as well as a commitment to technology events such as Convergence and user customers events such as IUCM-E.

Microsoft Convergence

While Convergence presents an opportunity to show your “wares” this is an even better opportunity to see what is going on in the EMEA Dynamics CRM world from the many technology partners present through to the numerous systems integrators – not to mention Microsoft themselves.

The Convergence exposition hall was large, full and extremely busy. Exhibitor stands were crowded, demonstrations were taking place, meetings were being held in just about every seating area and there was a buzz in the air.

There are an increasing number of organisations calling InRule Technology to explain that they are looking to use, or are already using, Dynamics CRM, and they also want to deploy a rule engine, integrate it with Dynamics CRM and use it to manage their complex or frequently changing rules (often both). While many of these organisations are in banking and financial services, there are an ever growing range of applications and industry vertcals that rely on InRule.

What about InRule? What about our stand? Were WE busy?

We certainly were! The demonstration laptops were burning as delegates, including existing UK-based prospects, came to visit us to learn more about how their business could benefit from using InRule.

Then there was the partner side. A number of organisations came to talk to us with a view to exploring possible representation in their countries. There were new partners from the UK to meet and in one case, where we are already working on an opportunity together. Then, of course, Convergence also serves as a means to identify other partners that we would like to work with and whom we could approach while there or when back in the UK.


It stands to reason that the closer our relationship with Microsoft and their teams from a Dynamics CRM perspective, the better aligned we will be in providing customers with a joint solution for the benefit of all.

Convergence is, of course, a splendid venue for networking – to build on existing relationships and create new ones. Over the last few months in the EMEA region, we have been called on by Microsoft personnel in the UK, France and Middle East to work with them on joint opportunities. I expect that as we continue to work more closely with Microsoft in the EMEA region, the number of opportunities and the geographic spread will grow.


Following on from Convergence, we hosted the first European InRule User Community Meeting in London. Extremely well organised, it was put together by Colin Parlett and held at the prestigious Royal Institution of Great Britain, an organisation devoted to scientific education and research.

Notable scientists who have worked there include Sir Humphry Davy (who discovered sodium and potassium), Michael Faraday, James Dewar, Sir William Henry Bragg and Sir William Lawrence Bragg (who jointly won the Nobel prize for their work on x-ray diffraction).

IUCM-E was very well attended and aside from the InRule personnel over from the US, we had 21 members of our EMEA User Community, give up their valuable time to join us for the day.And what a day it was with a packed agenda from start to finish. The various presentations covered:

  • The State of InRule Technology
  • What you may have missed in InRule 4.xNew features in irAuthor, irVerify, REST services and more
  • Product Roadmap
  • InRule Integration and Mobile
  • Travix International case study (Travix are a leading online travel agency in the Netherlands)
  • InRule for Azure – the Transition to the Cloud
  • Strategic Outlook from Loren Goodman, co-founder and CTO
  • RuleBay! Allowing User Community Members “bid” for what they want to see in future versions of InRule

It was a pleasure to meet with so many User Community Members in a relaxed surrounding and be able to share the InRule Technology vision them. At the same time, it was extremely valuable to be able to hear their questions, comments, thoughts and wishes for what they want to see in future versions of InRule RuleBay and otherwise.

On the theme of “Our Vision, Your Voice,” Travix delivered an excellent user presentation and it was very interesting to see what they had to say about InRule from 2 different perspectives:

We look forward to welcoming you again at IUCM/IUCM-E 2015!