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Mortgage Banker Association’s Technology Solutions Conference & Expo 2022 – Booth 532

InRule will be in Las Vega for the MBA’s Technology Solution Conference and Expo 2022 this April. The conference is focused on tech solutions for businesses in real estate and finance.…

Pete Fudalej - Admin

Risk And Ethical AI: The Impact of Fairness Through Awareness on Bias

The past decade has ushered in tremendous and unprecedented political, social, and economic shifts which have upended the business world. To adapt to this rapid change, companies rely on digital…

Risk And Ethical AI
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Mortgage Lenders Turn to Automation and AI to Solve the New Challenges of Today’s Hot Housing Market

This blog post is taken from the InRule report, Supercharged Lending. Download your complimentary copy today. Mortgage lending is in the midst of a revolution—and it will be fought with…

Mortgage Lenders Automation
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Supercharged Lending

Supercharged Lending To grab share in a white-hot housing market, more lenders are turning to AI Today's housing market is more competitive than ever before. Buyers are purchasing homes at…
Renee Wagner

Oh, the Wondrous Things You Can Do…

Four universal business benefits of utilizing a decision platform. When someone mentions decision automation with a decision platform, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Some people mistakenly think…

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Improving Business Decisions for Better Outcomes

Have you ever made a bad business decision? Maybe it was a minor one (signing a two-year contract without shopping for additional bids) or maybe it was one for the…

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