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Author Studio

With Author Studio, subject matter experts can author and edit business rules quickly and easily. Its intuitive web interface allows for agile updates to business logic without the need for…

Renee Wagner

Reduce Risk: Manage Life Insurance Logic with InRule®

The management of business logic for rating and underwriting pose a consistent challenge to life insurance organizations. As underwriters, actuaries, and other business users request changes to the rating and…

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InRule® for Salesforce®

InRule® for Salesforce® is the leading enterprise-grade business rules management system (BRMS) for Salesforce. For organizations using Salesforce as a platform for their business or to overcome limitations around managing…

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Increasing Value and Alleviating Risk Across the Loan Lifecycle

Despite growing competition, the lending industry remains largely reliant on legacy systems that use hard-coded business rules and manual processes that lack efficiency and are susceptible to human error. Over…

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InRule Workshops: Creating a Foundation for Project Success

Risk is a reality for every project. Surfacing risks in a decision management lifecycle is critical to a successful go-live. InRule’s expertise supporting hundreds of engagements allows us to quickly…

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Using Rule Technology to Ensure a Single Source of Truth

Enterprise architects and IT teams continue to be faced with delivering technologies and applications that keep pace with the increasing paceof business. As business moves faster, so must technology and…

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