Contest: NBA Game Predictor


Robert Eaman


With the start of the NBA playoffs, we’ve decided to run another rule application contest. All InRule blog post readers may now freely download our NBA Stats Analyzer rule application for their own use.

What It Does

This rule application makes calls to a REST service which returns its data in JSON format from The application then parses this data and places it into two sets of entity fields (one set for the home team, and one for the away team) which can then be used in scoring projections.

Your Challenge: Projecting Playoff Game Scores

So here’s where the contest gets interesting. We’ve projected NBA scores using a pretty basic algorithm. But we want you to come up with your own, different / better algorithm to predict scores, and write that into rules.

Here’s ours:

Contest Results

You can email your results to me ( prior to 4 pm CT on Friday, May 8. After May 8, I’ll publish the answer(s) and / or best submissions to the InRule Samples for Rule Authors site.


Prizes? Yes! Two winners will each receive a $20 Starbucks gift card and an email of acknowledgement.

Here’s how we’ll judge the results:

  1. The rule app calculates NBA scores, and predicts results that are somewhat close to reality (they will be tested!).
  2. The rule app is as clear and easy to understand as possible (spelling counts too!).

One additional rule: InRule employees are not eligible to win prizes.

Any questions? Please post them in the comments section below, or email me at If you’re unable to access the rule app, please contact your company’s InRule administrator.