Robert Eaman

Around midnight in college on the day before his 300-level English paper was due, Rob’s WordPerfect 5.1 screen froze, and the floppy disk-based backup copy turned out to be corrupted. Rob had to spend the next 4 hours consoling himself while retyping his paper. Heartbroken, Rob swore to spend the rest of his life mastering technology, and to helping others do the same. The years since that fateful day have seen Rob spend time mastering adult education, Microsoft products, communication, and consulting. Rob has not lost a significant work product since that day.
Apart from Rob’s work as a core ROAD (Rules Oriented Architecture and Application Development) team member, Rob teaches InRule’s Rule Authoring courses, consults on customer projects, works on forum requests, and develops materials for new authors.
When he’s not at InRule, Rob can be found spending time with his wife and his sons, improving his chess game, studying philosophy, reading about body language, and rooting on his hometown Chicago Bears.

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