2019 InRule User Community Survey Results


Peter Fudalej


In November 2019, InRule conducted its InRule User Community (IUC) survey to better understand who makes up the IUC and what benefits members receive from implementing InRule. The results were outstanding and InRule is proud to share them with a broader audience. The rest of this blog post sheds light on the insights we received from our survey.

IUC Survey Snapshot

  • The IUC Survey was conducted via email to 1,193 IUC contacts across 208 companies
  • 49 companies responded from 11 countries, representing 23.5% of the IUC (similar surveys yield a 5-30% response rate)
  • The following was the respondent break-out by industry segment:
    • Insurance (26%)
    • Banking and Financial Services (16%)
    • Healthcare (26%)
    • Technology (14%)
    • Government (10%)
    • Other (9%)

InRule by the Numbers

When asked about total cost savings derived from implementation and maintenance costs, IUC members realized an average total savings of $869,696. This cost savings represents a 4.7% increase from savings reported by the IUC in the 2017 survey. We attribute this increase to the addition of more features and integration and deployment options, which have allowed InRule to meet the evolving needs of the user community. Additionally, InRule can be customized for each instance, providing better results and solving real-world problems.

IUC Cost Savings

IUC members continue to reaffirm the time savings that their IT teams receive by using InRule. In fact, IT teams gained back over one full day each week, which represents an average cost savings of 29%, up from 23% in 2017.

IUC Time Savings

We’re thrilled to know that IUC members love InRule, and 93% of responding companies stated that they would recommend InRule to a colleague. Additionally, 98% of InRule users stated that InRule helped them achieve their organization’s goals.

IUC Recommendation Stat

InRule prides itself on allowing non-technical developers to own and manage the business rules that live inside its decision management platform. Therefore, it is important for us to understand who uses our decision platform. This year, we learned that 42% of survey respondents stated that over 50% of their users are non-technical users. Additionally, all survey respondents stated they have non-technical users writing and managing the business rules. This means that developers and architects are free to work on other projects, while business users can focus on writing and managing the rules that power the business.

How is InRule Used?

InRule is used across many different applications, including (but not limited to) loan processing, rating and underwriting, claims adjudication, clinical trials, and health and human services. In our survey, we also looked to understand the finer points of IUC members’ applications. Some of those insights included:

  • 58% of IUC members run between 1,000 and 100,000 transactions per day through InRule
  • 51% of users’ rule sets are between 0 and 1,000 rules, while the remaining 49% have over 1,000 rules
  • 71% of users update their rule sets either weekly or monthly

These results are clear: InRule is flexible and scalable, and they can run and update the rules as often as they desire.

Why do IUC Members use InRule?

At InRule, we believe it’s imperative that we understand why IUC members use our decision platform. With this knowledge, we can better serve our customers and release features and enhancements that drive even greater value. Below are the main reasons why IUC members use InRule:

  • Change applications quicker
  • Make it easier to configure systems for customers
  • Cost savings
  • Allow business users to change rules and give them increased visibility
  • Modernize legacy systems

This proves that InRule users understand and have realized the benefits of our decision platform. InRule enables non-technical users to quickly and easily manage the decisions that drive their business, and helps organizations to save money and time.

In Summary

InRule is deployed across many different industries, but has the widest usage within Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, and Government. Non-technical users are using InRule more frequently than technical users, however both types of users benefit from the power of our decision platform. Organizations that use InRule are experiencing more savings than ever. Their time savings has increased to 29% on average, and their cost savings has increased to $869,696. Finally, InRule helps their users achieve their goals and 93% of InRule users would recommend InRule to a colleague.

We love hearing from our user community, so if you did not have a chance to take our survey and want to share your story, please let us know! If you’re not yet part of our user community and you’re interested in exploring InRule, you can access a 30-day free trial here. Alternatively, if you wish to speak with someone in more detail about how InRule can help your organization, you can contact us here.


Total savings calculated based on average savings of implementation and maintenance as reported by survey respondents, calculated over a 7-year lifespan, using an 8% discount rate to compensate for the time value of money (TVM).

Survey data is a sample and does not directly reflect the views of the entire user community (population). Statistics are required to make inferences about the entire IUC from this sample.

All claims such as “50% of IUC Members…” are statistical inferences made from the sample data. The tests were performed with a 95% confidence level (a=.05), which means we can be fairly certain the claims are true.