On-Demand Webinars

Building Trust with AI: An On-Demand Webinar Featuring Forrester

On-Demand Webinar Building Trust with AI 4 key recommendations to make AI explainability effortless and actionable A webinar featuring Guest Presenter and Forrester Consulting VP and Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri…Read More

Risk and Ethical AI: The impact of fairness through awareness on bias

Risk and Ethical AI: The Impact of Fairness Through Awareness on Bias Could you go a day without interacting with some form of AI? It’s becoming nearly impossible. With more…Read More

DMN + InRule: The Picture-Perfect Way to Develop Automated Decisions

On-Demand Webinar DMN + InRule: The Picture-Perfect Way to Develop Automated Decisions Decision Model and Notation (DMN) provides a visual representation of the steps and factors involved in automated enterprise…Read More

Online Training: Take Your Digital Decisioning to the Next Level

Take your Digital Decisioning to the Next Level A Live, Online Training Session Featuring Special Guest Presenters CEO James Taylor and CTO Ryan Trollip from: Savvy enterprises are upping their…Read More

DevOps for Automated Decisioning

DevOps for Automated Decisioning Accelerate Decision Lifecycles InRule Technology's DevOps extension for irCatalog® delivers customizable approval workflows and improved lifecycle quality and safety. Whether your organization is seeking a fully…Read More

Why You’re Wrong About Operationalizing AI

Why You're Wrong About Operationalizing AI Debunk Common Myths About AI to Turn Insights Into Actions Prefer reading over video?Click here to request a PDF of the research report! Featuring…Read More

Why Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Good Enough

New research from Forrester* reveals how organizations are using artificial intelligence and machine learning – along with human expertise – to automate decisions in digital transformation projects and customer engagement…

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Extending Salesforce Rules with InRule Integration:
Using Native Lightning Web Components and Triggers for Seamless Decisions

Are you looking to gain even greater value from your Salesforce investment? By leveraging InRule for Salesforce, users gain greater and more powerful business rule functionality for their Salesforce instance.…

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How NonBank Lenders Disrupt the Mortgage Lending Industry

According to Inside Mortgage Finance, six of the 10 largest mortgage providers in the U.S. are nonbank lenders. How are nonbank lenders using technology to gain market share? What are…

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The Power of What If:
How One Company Achieved Greater Customer Satisfaction and Revenue with Digital Decisioning

Your enterprise is powered by automated decisions (digital decisions) that impact revenue, profitability and other vital KPIs. However, when stakeholders push and pull levers that power the decisions of your…

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Man vs. Machine: Three Key Findings from the Latest Research on Digital Transformation

Guest speaker John Rymer from Forrester shares findings of a recent survey of IT leaders. The webinar also covers recommendations for how enterprises can accelerate transformation into digital businesses.

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Three Enterprise Architecture Strategies for Guiding Your Digital Transformation

T-Mobile’s Principal Architect for Enterprise Jim Wilt highlights considerations to explore when modernizing systems and processes and outlines three key actions to take for digital transformation success.

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Smarter Customer Interactions with Multi-Channel Decisioning

What is a multi-channel decision strategy? How can it fit with cloud and mobile to increase customer satisfaction and grow business? InRule’s Chris Berg and Travix International’s Robert New answer these questions and more!

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