Introduction to InRule

Our Introduction to InRule was created to answer common questions that you may have as you learn about the InRule Decision Platform and its components – and as you experience our free trial.

To help you with your evaluation and provide guidance on what you need to look for, and be aware of, during that process, the Introduction to InRule will walk you through key aspects of our decision platform.

We’ve made some assumptions in developing this guide. We assume that you are well-aware of what a business rule is. And we assume that you’re familiar with the difficulties and challenges that arise when decision logic are hard-coded into an application.

What you need to know is how InRule can help. You’ll learn that, and more, in our Introduction to InRule.

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Additionally, if you’re looking for deeper insights on where your organization is with its digital decisioning evolution, you should consider taking our Decision Automation Readiness Test. This personalized report is designed to help organizations gain a better understanding of their stage on the decision automation journey, and the opportunities that lie ahead for continued growth and development.   

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