Other Integrations

InRule supports integrations that make it easy for organizations to leverage existing technologies. Scroll down this page to learn about InRule’s Decision Platform integrations with:

  • K2
  • SAP
  • BizTalk Server
  • SharePoint

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K2 and InRule: Experience the Power of BPM and a Decision Platform

Enterprises seeking to optimize productivity by creating applications that include workflows, line of business data, forms and automated decisions are integrating InRule and K2, a leader in digital process automation software.

By leveraging the synergies of BPM and decision automation, enterprises are better equipped to meet changing organizational policy needs by bringing essential applications to market more quickly. Both InRule and K2 are highly configurable and provide seamless Microsoft integration, reducing the total cost of ownership and providing scalability for critical applications.

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Simplify Managing Complex Decisions for SAP ERP Systems

For many organizations, the ERP system is like the beating heart driving essential processes and linking key technologies that power the business. Unfortunately, these systems can quickly become large, unwieldy and costly, especially when business logic is hard-coded within the application.

As these systems grow larger and larger, costs continue to skyrocket, and it becomes more complicated and time-consuming for developers to make changes to business logic that is buried within the application.

SAP users are turning to InRule as an alternative to hard-coded logic within their ERP systems.

By centralizing and managing business logic with InRule®, and integrating with SAP ERP systems, enterprises can capitalize on the strengths of two technologies to power essential processes and business rules – while bringing costs back under control.

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Extend the Value of Your BizTalk Server Investment with InRule

Organizations with complex business logic or who want to empower business users to manage business rules need a more intuitive authoring environment and more granular rule management than is included with BizTalk Server. InRule extends your investment in BizTalk Server by empowering the people who understand your business to write and manage rules.

Manage the complex rules common in BizTalk orchestrations

  • Write rules with an intuitive, menu-driven approach using the business language editor
  • Manage large sets of similarly structured rules with decision tables
  • Express calculations and complex conditions with Excel-like syntax expressions
  • Have rules perform a wide variety of actions from setting field values to calling Web services
  • Manage the security and change control of rules via irCatalog

Three ways to call InRule from a BizTalk Orchestration

  • Create a custom, static .NET method with irSDK and call it from an expression shape
  • Use irAdapter for BizTalk Server, an adapter included with InRule
  • Call generic static methods from the expression shape available in InRule


Gain More Value from SharePoint with InRule

As more organizations manage business processes with SharePoint-based applications, there is an increasing need to manage complex decision logic as part of those processes. InRule extends SharePoint to enable you to manage critical business decisions that are governed by various SharePoint elements, including documents, processes and workflows.

A business analyst tool to automate complex decisions

  • Validate or route list items such as documents or data records
  • Dynamically change InfoPath forms or WebParts based on input data
  • Make business logic changes without the risk of data loss or downtime
  • Implement chains of complex rules that drive many business decisions

A good architectural fit for .NET developers

  • Move management of business rules out of custom SharePoint code
  • Write reusable integration components in .NET code with InRule’s robust SDK
  • Import and operate directly with SharePoint list data and SDK objects
  • Call InRule from SharePoint workflows to automate decision points