Empower your people to change the rules.

Introducing a more tightly integrated approach to Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.
Align logic with changing business needs—with less effort, cost and risk than programming.

InRule for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM capabilities include:

  • Complex conditional logic and calculations
  • 225+ built-in functions
  • User-defined functions
  • Business language authoring
  • Decision tables
  • Testing, debugging and tracing with CRM data
  • Support for lookups and one-to-many relationships plus aggregate functions
  • Robust rule management
  • Role-based security

InRule for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM delivers so much more than just a Business Rule Engine. It includes the capabilities you need to empower both technical and non-technical users to change business rules. As a decision platform tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, it delivers a powerful tool with CRM capabilities that support real-world scenarios—unlike other approaches. Now, when you change the rules, you’re changing the systems that drive your business.

Intuitive Rule Authoring
Write, update and test decision logic using your CRM data.

Testing to Ensure Quality
Easily test decision logic, and quickly confirm the logic is working properly.

Robust Rule Storage and Management
Ensure the integrity of decision logic, keep everyone working on the latest version of logic and share common logic across customers, processes or applications.

Decision Logic Execution for Real World Requirements
Get an engine that’s production-tested—and has been for more than a decade.

Seamlessly Integrates with Other Applications
Take advantage of InRule’s rich SDK.