Amplify the Power of your CRM Investment

The customer has always been king, perhaps never more so than today as demand soars for personalized self-service experiences.

In fact, 64% of customers have come to expect customized engagements that are based on previous interactions. Further underscoring the importance of customer influence is its impact on the top line – 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

The InRule Decision Platform integrates deeply with Microsoft Dynamics® 365, Power Platform and Salesforce®, allowing organizations to gain even greater value from these investments.

By elevating the out-of-the-box workflows available in these leading low-code platforms with real time decisioning and operationalized predictive analytics, enterprises can deliver truly personalized experiences that delight customers and foster loyalty.

Our enterprise-grade integration allows you to create and maintain complex, automated decisions that enhance customer engagement – without the need for platform customization or code modifications. This means logic can be managed by the business teams who drive requirements—and frees up IT staff to focus on more technical initiatives.

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Dynamics 365 Salesforce