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InRule Technology® Introduces Rule Harvesting Accelerator Program

Sep 24, 2015

CHICAGO, IL. – InRule Technology®, provider of InRule®, the industry-leading business rules management system (BRMS), today announced the launch of its Rule Harvesting Accelerator Program to assist in migrating business rules from existing systems to InRule.

For organizations whose BRMS vendor has gone out of business or dropped product support, to those who have a large number of rule artifacts, the InRule Rule Harvesting Accelerator Program saves time and money by helping migrate rules in hours or days, not weeks or months.

In addition, the accelerator program can also provide value to organizations that have outgrown custom rules solutions based on highly structured code (such as stored procedures, table-based rules, COBOL, RPG, etc.).

“The Rule Harvesting Accelerator Program is based on a four-step approach CTO Loren Goodman created to help a prospective customer migrate thousands of business rules to InRule after their BRMS vendor dropped support for their .NET BRMS product,” explained Mark Lonsway, SVP, Client Services. “Our ROAD services team can leverage this approach and the related technology to convert existing business rules to InRule, allowing an organization to reap the benefits of InRule while maintaining the integrity of their existing business logic.”

To learn more about how the InRule Rule Harvesting Accelerator Program can help your business harvest rules from an existing source, please visit:
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About InRule Technology
A Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, InRule Technology has been delivering InRule®, the premier .NET Business Rule Management System for the Microsoft platform since 2002. InRule Technology helps you turn your rules into measureable IT and business results by making it easy to align the logic of core applications with ever-changing marketplace and customer needs. InRule Technology is trusted by hundreds of organizations for mission-critical and customer-facing applications. For more information, visit:
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