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InRule Technology Announces Policy to Practice™

Aug 27, 2012

InRule Technology, creator of InRule the premier .NET Business Rule Management System for the Microsoft platform, has published Policy to Practice , a comprehensive white paper that provides readers with a practical approach to meeting the challenges of determining eligibility for public assistance programs. Policy to Practice is designed to help improve the effectiveness and quality of Health and Human Services solutions while mitigating their associated risk and lowering the costs of development and maintenance.

The process of determining if and when a person is eligible for one or more public assistance programs is undeniably complex. In addition, changes in Federal laws are put into practice in inconsistent and often undocumented ways in state and local eligibility systems. Policy to Practice is an initiative designed to meet these and other challenges faced by state and local government agencies seeking to detect fraud, ensure that benefits are appropriately granted, and comply with government regulations and standards.

The Policy to Practice White Paper provides practical advice for those involved with Health and Human Services solutions including:

  • Integrated Eligibility
  • MMIS
  • Health Insurance Exchange
  • Chronic Disease Management