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InRule Technology® Announces InRule Version 3.2

May 12, 2009

InRule Technology provider of InRule®, the premier .NET solution for authoring, managing and executing business rules, today announced InRule Version 3.2. New capabilities improve the effectiveness of rule authoring and management for both business users and developers responsible for maintaining core decision logic, while increasing the depth of support for widely used Microsoft technologies.

InRule Version 3.2 reflects the company’s high degree of responsiveness to its customers; many of the new capabilities are a direct result of feedback from the 2008 InRule User Community Meeting. Bill Leannah, a lead programmer with West Bend Mutual Insurance reviewed InRule Version 3.2 during the beta program and commented that “irScript will provide my development team with the ability to separate the needs of different rule authors into rule application level specific logic. irScript simultaneously enables our ability to increase the reusability of our centralized authoring behavior. My compliments to the InRule development team ─ you guys rock!”

New features for both developers and business users include: IrStudio Rule authoring and editing within Microsoft Visual Studio. Includes InRule’s key authoring capabilities such as Business Language Authoring, Decision Tables and integrated real-time testing. IrStudio eliminates the need for developers to use separate tools for rule authoring and other development. irScript The first dynamic language for business rules based on the Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime. irScript simplifies the creation of User Defined Functions, extending the power of iterative development and enabling rapid changes for applications that adapt to changing business requirements.

Enhanced trouble shooting with Regression Testing and Rule Tracing An integrated feature of InRule’s real-time testing tool, irVerify, Regression Testing allows rule authors to compare test case results to ensure proper rule functionality when changes are made to any part of a rule application. Rule Tracing provides a step-by-step trace of rule execution for analysis, tuning and troubleshooting. RuleFlow A graphically displayed and edited RuleSet that provides an easy, visual way for rule authors to understand and control the execution of a rule application and to dictate its execution order, including both conditional branching and the execution of RuleSets and WorkFlows.

Active Directory Integration Simplifies administration by importing Active Directory users and groups into irCatalog, InRule’s database-backed service for rule management, security and administration.

Execute a Windows Workflow Foundation workflow Existing workflows can be called for functions such as populating data or taking action based on a decision, making it easy to integrate workflow capabilities into a rule application.