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InRule CTO Loren Goodman Briefs Capitol Hill

Mar 5, 2013

In February, InRule Technology Chief Technology Officer Loren Goodman spent two days on Capitol Hill as part of the CompTia sponsored event “2013 TechVoice Fly-In” on behalf of the Illinois Technology Association.

As one of 60 technology executives participating, Goodman had the opportunity to meet with legislators to help deliver the critical message that supporting small and medium sized companies in the innovation-driven IT sector can help spur overall growth and competitiveness.

“Speaking from the heart with real world anecdotes and opinions from the standpoint of a serial entrepreneur really played well.” said Goodman. “I was able to convey the excitement of developing new technologies as well as the challenges that small and medium size technology companies face.”

In addition to providing valuable insights into the world of growing a start-up a medium size software company, Goodman received briefings and provided input on key policy topics including Startup Act 3.0, data breach and privacy, and his own education proposal.

The highlight for Goodman was the positive feedback he received on his education proposal, which he introduced last year. “Programming literacy should be on a par with the times tables in our education system,” Goodman said. “Legislators understand that technology literacy needs to be thought of like driving: it’s a common denominator to any profession. The House of Representative’s recent passing of the Academic Competition Resolution of 2013 is a step in the right direction. It’s my hope that my efforts will help spur further discussion and action among legislators to improve the technical capabilities of the current generation of students. With my own daughter just entering pre-school, this is a personal passion.”

Loren Goodman is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of InRule Technology.