InRule Components

A high-performance business rule engine is the foundation of a leading Decision Platform. Building on that foundation, InRule® includes capabilities that enable technical and business users to write decision logic, easily update them, manage them and integrate them into their own applications.

InRule is comprised of these components:


Write decision logic with InRule’s out-of-the-box tool.



Test decisions and confirm logic is working properly—with the click of a button.



Store and centrally manage decisions (versioning, check-in/check-out, rollback and effective dates).



Execute decisions with a high-performance rule engine. InRule’s engine is production-tested, and has been for over a decade.



Integrate InRule into your Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications.


irX® for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

Write, update and test decision logic for use within Microsoft Dynamics CRM with this patent-pending extension to irAuthor.


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