InRule Capabilities

Keep your organization moving at the speed of business.
Tens of thousands of transactions. Hundreds of thousands of business rules processed. Hundreds of satisfied, successful clients. InRule delivers so much more than just a Business Rule Engine.

InRule’s Decision Platform includes the capabilities you need to empower both technical and non-technical users to write, test and change decision logic. That’s why it’s a leading decision platform.

With InRule’s Decision Platform, your people will be able to easily align the logic of core applications with changing marketplace and customer needs—with less effort, cost and risk than programming. With InRule, when you change the rules—you change your business.

Intuitive Rule Authoring

Allow your technical and non-technical people to quickly write and change decision logic.

  • irAuthor® : Define and maintain decision logic applications
  • irWord™: Author decision logic in Microsoft Word



Testing to Improve Quality

Easily test decision logic, and quickly confirm the logic is working properly.

  • irVerify®: Scalable decision logic execution for real world requirements



Ensure the Integrity of Decision Logic

Keep everyone working on the latest version of your logic and share common logic across customers, processes or applications.

  • irCatalog®: Robust decision logic storage and management solution



Production-tested—for more than a decade.



Easily Integrate with Other Applications

  • irSDK®: Integrate InRule’s Decision Platform into Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications – in five or fewer lines of code



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