InRule in Other Mission-Critical and Customer-Facing Applications

Rules are everywhere

Rules are everywhere. InRule has been deployed in hundreds of mission-critical and customer-facing applications across numerous industries. Some in ways we never imagined when we started this journey almost 20 years ago. Learn more from these applications:

  • Engineering
  • Entertainment and Travel
  • IT Services
  • Real Estate
  • Retail and Direct Sales
  • Transportation and Logistics

Choosing InRule over coding logic has saved our customers an average of $1,485,150 per deployment.


InRule estimates costs.
A world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry, Technip uses an InRule-powered system to calculate Bill of Material (BOM) cost estimations for a set of engineering materials requirements. By empowering engineers to compare what-if scenarios of varying BOMs, Technip empowers them to design the most cost- and time- effective BOMs for their customers.

Entertainment and Travel

InRule inspires loyalty.
In 2006 AirTran Airways deployed an InRule-based system to manage its A+ Frequent Flyer loyalty program in less than 60 days. The system remained in effect until AirTrans’s acquisition by Southwest in 2011.

One of the newest InRule User Community Members operates a Casino. They are using InRule with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enhance player development. The project will involve tracking player activity outside of the casinos on points of sale such as gas stations, golf courses, etc. owned our customer. The drive is to extend loyalty and enhance marketing opportunities.

InRule Manages Complexity
One of the largest online travel companies in Europe manages an extensive portfolio of travel-focused websites operating under a variety brand names. They will be using InRule to manage complexity in their online transactions, determining such things as competitive routes, route choices and optimizing ticketing costs.

InRule was chosen not only for its intuitive authoring environment, but also because it’s proven to handle complex logic – many of our customers use our system daily to process tens of thousands of transactions with hundreds of rules.

IT Services

InRule makes events meaningful.
InRule powers an event automation solution for HP Enterprise Service Management. The solution integrates InRule, Microsoft BizTalk Server, HP Software Operations Orchestration, and Service Manager to build a true Business Process Automation (BPA) solution to automate tasks traditionally done by people.

Real Estate

InRule is for closers.
One of the nation’s leading real estate companies is leveraging the same power to distribute leads to its agent. Home buyers, sellers, or renters come to and submit a request for specific housing type. Complex rules consider the lead’s location with agent’s location, workload, and area of expertise to find the best match. Using InRule to distribute leads will provide better customer service for our customer.

Retail and Direct Sales

InRule has the answers.
At Cdiscount, the leading French online retail company, InRule powers the Dynamic FAQs on its website. Based on complex rules, InRule generates the appropriate answer to consumer inquiries. Since 2008, this InRule-powered solution has satisfied government regulations while delivering excellent customer service at minimal cost. CDiscount added a credit scoring rule application in August, 2011.

InRule is agile.
Tastefully Simple is deploying InRule as they re-design their internal and external websites to make the shopping, purchasing, and shipping experience for both direct buy customers and independent distributors more agile, responsive, and easy-to-use.

Transportation and Logistics

InRule validates.
Headquartered in an underground repurposed mine, Engaged Technologies is a transportation, shipping, and logistics management company with 80MM in managed revenues a year. InRule® is being embedded in their Transportation Decision Platform. InRule will be used to validate data to ensure the accuracy of the system.