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Building Business Capability Conference 2023

We’re excited to present live at the Building Business Capability Conference 2023 this year! On Friday, May 12, be sure to stop by Alliance Room 309 at 10:15 AM to hear InRule Director of Product Growth Chris Berg present Good Beginnings: Sustainable Automation. Read more on the presentation below:

Somewhere in the life of a digital transformation initiative, a transition takes place from surviving to thriving. The first go-live will feel much different after two hundred promotions to production. Now the organization must live with the solution. For example, living with automation requires the same rigor and careful execution as the initial phases. What’s in the backlog after go-live? We find a list of important deferred features, bugs, and technical debt. Many tasks remain manual and while the finish line approached, the team expended little toward automating the lifecycle or tracking data for business impact. Long-term success requires a broad view of the investment across teams and activities making sure the effort doesn’t drift or get mired in manual activities. Most importantly the team must finish the work required to confirm the business case. Good Beginnings is a practice series focused on building successful delivery with exceptional impact.

Learning objectives:

  • How to baseline a team on North star objectives
  • How to frame both the problem and solution for impact
  • How to leverage models (DMN, ML Explanations, and BPMN) to greater effect and stakeholder awareness
  • How to share the business case with stakeholders and demonstrate objectives were me