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Financial Services

Defeating Fraud with the Power of Comprehensive AI

A century ago, a storeowner could look a customer in the eye and determine whether to extend them credit or accept check payment. Scam artists were notorious. Certainly, the art of fraud detection has advanced more than a bit since, but so have attacks. Global...

Key Takeaways from Future Digital Finance

InRule was well represented at Future Digital Finance 2023, an international gathering exploring the cutting edge of digital currency. Some key thoughts from the event: Trust is superseding sales – Banks and Credit Unions are shifting their focus from selling more...

Risk And Ethical AI: The Impact of Fairness Through Awareness on Bias

The past decade has ushered in tremendous and unprecedented political, social, and economic shifts which have upended the business world. To adapt to this rapid change, companies rely on digital transformation projects to upgrade and enhance every aspect of their...

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