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Terms of Use

Barium AB’s terms and conditions for Barium AB’s web portal

This is our terms and conditions for our web portal


Barium AB’s website consists of a web portal with a number of web pages provided by Barium AB. The web portal is provided subject to acceptance of the following conditions and any additional conditions applicable to certain pages of the website. By using Barium AB’s website, you are accepting these conditions.


Barium AB reserves the right to amend these conditions without notification.


Barium AB’s website may contain links to external websites which are not provided by Barium AB (hereinafter referred to as “Links”). Barium AB is under no circumstances responsible for the content of these Links. Nor is Barium AB responsible for the transfer of data to and from the Links. This applies without exception and to all forms of transmission and malicious code in the form of viruses, etc. Barium AB offer Links only as information to the user.


When using Barium AB’s website, you confirm and guarantee that you will not use Barium AB’s website in a way that is contrary to Swedish law or the applicable conditions. You may not use Barium AB’s website in such a way that may damage, disable, overload Barium AB’s website, or destroy, prevent or slow down other users’ use / work with the web portal. You may not obtain access or attempt to gain access to materials you have not been authorized by Barium AB to access.


Barium AB’s website may contain bulletin boards, chat rooms, news groups, forums, personal web pages, calendars, or other communications functions. These functions have been made available to you so that you can communicate with the public or a larger group. You agree, therefore, to use communication services in accordance with the rules applicable to the relevant services.
You hereby agree to:

  • Not in any way violate the rights or privacy of others. Not publish, upload or distribute any form of indecent material or information.
  • Not to upload files or other material protected by copyright or other all rights reserved unless you hold such rights or have obtained permission from the holder of that right.
    Not upload files or other material that could harm other computers.
  • Not to advertise or otherwise attempt to sell goods or services.
  • Not conduct investigations, communicate chain letters, pyramid schemes or similar.
  • Not to download any file you know, or ought to know, may not be distributed due to copyright or other intellectual property protection.

To the extent required by law, Barium AB reserves the right to review, evaluate and make available materials that are provided in the communications services. Barium AB reserves the right to exclude and prevent access to materials and without notice to remove such material. Barium AB neither approves nor authorizes the information that might be found in our communications services. Barium AB disclaims all liability in connection with communication services and any action that may, directly or indirectly, be the result of participating in any of the services.

Administrators and users are not authorised to speak and educate on Barium AB’s behalf or otherwise represent Barium AB, their views are not necessarily the views and attitudes which are consistent with those of Barium AB.


Barium AB is solely responsible for the information provided on Barium AB’s website by Barium AB. Barium AB is not responsible in any circumstances for information, software products, services, advice or other services or materials not provided by Barium AB. Barium AB cannot not guarantee that such provision is free from viruses, or is otherwise improper and hence have no liability for any damage users may suffer from the use of such information or services.


Barium AB reserves the right, without notice, to terminate your access to Barium AB’s website and its related services. You as a visitor, user or member of this site, hereby accept these conditions. Violation of these conditions may result in exclusion from this page and legal proceedings.