About Us

We Make Automation Accessible

Where We Started

CEO Rik Chomko and CTO Loren Goodman had a dream of giving everyone the power of computing without the complexity of programming, and so in 2002 InRule was born. Since then, we’ve been making automation accessible—aspiring to deliver intuitive, frictionless solutions that require little to no training, and allow both technical and non-technical users to write and manage rules, without the need for code.

What We Do and How We Do It Differently

Whether on-premises, in the cloud, offline, or at the edge of the enterprise, our decision platform allows organizations to run rules anywhere—providing financial services and insurance companies, healthcare payers and providers, public sector agencies, and more with exceptional flexibility and scalability for decision automation.

We make it easy for organizations to leverage rule technology for quantifiable, decisive results. By creating a single source of truth, our users can quickly adapt to real-time market requirements, improving decision accuracy and consistency while ensuring regulatory compliance. And with our ‘author first’ approach, our platform supports all types of users, making it easy to write and manage decision logic.

If you’re interested in helping us reach new milestones, we’d love to have you on our team! Check out our what it’s like to work at InRule, and any open positions we may have. Join Us!